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sports medicine

As athletes improve performance and maximize efficiency, they rely more and more on sports medicine to surpass their performance thresholds. Sports medicine is focusing on biomechanics, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness to prevent and treat lower extremity injuries.

Custom foot orthoses are increasingly making their way on to professional and recreational playing fields. When prescribed by a bio- mechanical specialist, a foot orthosis can enable the foot plane to more efficiently direct and distribute load through the rest of the body. Once an athlete’s entire system is in balance, he or she should notice improved performance and enjoy lower risk of injury.

We have a solution…Advanced Footcare Inc. is a team of physicians, pedorthists and biomechanical experts who will administer a comprehensive exam, analyze gait and fabricate custom foot orthotics that will fit inside athletic footwear. All this is accomplished with the latest high-tech equipment.

Every athlete can benefit
Most athletes can benefit from functional foot orthotics. In addition to increasing performance and decreasing injury, functional foot orthotics can reduce or eliminate pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, back and neck.

Athletes with existing health concerns should pay special attention to their feet.